I am a visual artist and an inveterate dreamer. I create my artwork by tapping into my subconscious mind where realities exist with the absence of any restrictions or barriers.It allows me the perspective of many lives lived. This illusion then becomes firmly rooted within and emerges as art. By banishing from the mind anything that may impose limitations I allow myself to create augmented realities.
I use a Nikon D850 and Cintiq Pro as my tools to capture the real and photoshop to combine the surreal elements from which a dream is constituted onto a canvas. Each piece is digitally manipulated with layers of paint and texture to enhance the details of storytelling.
The subconscious mind can be used to visualize problems that need solving. Sometimes the noise in our heads drowns out the simplest of solutions. I find myself drawn to the surreal world in the depths of my mind where I hold the power to manipulate reality and find a clear path. A world that rejects the conventional enables creative problem solving.My aim is to strike the viewer with the absurd realities that exist within the imagination and to see the stories of many lives from the surreal world surface on to the realms of reality.